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The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel
Claude Bernard

Publications - Preprint

Haroon, Maham. "What to Prune and What Not to Prune at Initialization." arXiv preprint arXiv:2209.02201 (2022). (Link)


Navigating the Data Privacy Paradox: Investigating the Gap between Concerns and Actions (Blog-post) (Whitepaper) (@youtube-video) (Press-release)

From Months to Minutes: Can New Regulations Accelerate the Cyber Incident Disclosure Process? (blog) (Whitepaper)


BitSight Insights: Mobile Application Risk Report (blog) (Whitepaper)



Russia-Ukraine and the Cyber Threat Landscape (link)

BitSight Apache Risk Analysis Highlights Need To Address CISA “Known Vulnerabilities” (link)

TOWARDS DATA SCIENCE - A Medium Publication


Understanding AUC Scores in Depth: What’s the Point? (link)

Beyond Bar Charts: Data with Sankey, Circular Packing, and Network Graphs (link)


P-Values: Understanding Statistical Significance in Plain Language (link)

Exploring Counterfactual Insights: From Correlation to Causation in Data Analysis (link)

Beta Distributions: A Cornerstone of Bayesian Calibration (link)

To 1 or to 0: Pixel Attacks in Image Classification (link)

Series: Data Bias Hackers (link)

  1.  Cognitive Biases in Data Science: The Category-Size Bias (link)

AI Advances - A Medium Publication

Beyond the Hype: Google DeepMind’s Gemini, and its superior performance on the MMLU benchmark (link)

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