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Sep 2022 - Present

Founder | The Mad Hatter

KuberSignal, Boston MA

Role Description

Responsible for decision-making, prototyping, architecting, Data Science, Analytics and content writing.

Content as Founder at KuberSignal

Navigating the Data Privacy Paradox: Investigating the Gap between Concerns and Actions (Blog-post) (Whitepaper) (@youtube-video) (Press-release)

June 2023 - Present

Mentor | Volunteer

The Nustian USA | Adopt a Scholar

Role Description

Working with undergrad students to identify career goals and guiding them towards resources that will help meet those goals. (link)

Aug 2021 - Jun 2022

Data Scientist - Thought Leadership

BitSight Technologies, Boston MA

Role Description

Responsible for interdepartmental collaboration in producing original content as a thought leader as well as instigating optimization and innovation of various processes using ML and statistics across teams.

Articles as Data Scientist at BitSight

  • From Months to Minutes: Can New Regulations Accelerate the Cyber Incident Disclosure Process? (link) (Whitepaper)

  • Russia-Ukraine and the Cyber Threat Landscape (link)

  • BitSight Apache Risk Analysis Highlights Need To Address CISA “Known Vulnerabilities” (link)

Oct 2020 - Jan 2021

Consultant - Data Science

Sybrid Limited, Islamabad PK

Oct 2017 - May 2021


CICS, UMass Amherst, MA, USA

Feb 2016 - June 2017


SMME, NUST, Islamabad PK

Role Description

Responsible for initial research and prototyping of a product for Brand Sentiment Analysis in multiple languages across multiple social media platforms involving various ML algorithms.

Role Description

  • Assisted as a Teaching Assistant for the following subjects, providing guidance and support to students.

    • CS187 - Introduction to Programming

    • CS240 - Reasoning Under Uncertainty

    • CS250 - Introduction to Computation

    • CS326 - Web Programming

    • CS383 - Artificial Intelligence

  • Contributed as a Research Assistant at DaROS Lab, actively participating in cutting-edge research projects in Robotics and Machine Learning. Worked on the state-of-the-art Mini-Cheetah Robot by MIT.

  • Projects:

    • TinyNets: A variation of Divide and Conquer for inexpensive computation.

    • Rapid Identification of best P-sparse Networks. 

    • Analysis: Towards Making Systems Forget with Machine Unlearning. link

    • Finding and locating byzantine Robots in a swarm. link

    • Inside an Au​to encoder. link

    • Applying Machine Learning Methods to Grammatical Error Correction link 

    • Machine Learning in NLP: A detailed Literature Review link

Role Description

  • Assisted as a Teaching Assistant for the following subjects, providing guidance and support to students.

    • Artificial Intelligence

    • Fuzzy Control Systems

    • Mobile Robotics

    • Robotics I

  • Served as a Research Assistant at RIME Lab, participating in research projects encompassing Robotics, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning. Specifically, worked with advanced autonomous systems such as the NAO Robot and Assistive Wheelchair.

Jan 2015 - July 2015

Telecom Engineer

PTCL, Lahore, PK

Role Description

  • Monitoring, analyzing and suggesting for improvements in infrastructure data and ensuring continuous service

July 2013 - August 2013

Electrical Engineering Intern

NILOP, Nilore, Islamabad, PK

Role Description

  • Completed an internship under supervision of Mr. Saddam Hussain, Senior Scientist at Laser Product Development Group, NILOP. 

  • Completed various tasks in the following areas:

    • Electronic Circuit Design

    • Microcontroller Programming

    • Hardware Implementation

  • Also acquired knowledge in the following software:

    • Proteous (for simulation and PCB Design)​

    • MikroC (for code development) 

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